Hello and welcome to the G7JUR website. My name is Philip and I live in Farnham, Surrey. 

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This is part of my Shack. AT-11MP  A.T.U.   ICOM 706MKIIG. And a PYE Olympic for Four Metres.

This is what the ATU which I built from a kit looks like inside.

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To find out more about Amateur Radio please click here. http://www.rsgb.org   



Here is an opto isolated CAT interface for my ICOM IC-706MKIIG.

This is what it looks like inside, not pretty but it works.

Click on image for larger picture.

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This is the drawing of the unit, designed by N4TXI.

I changed the value of resistor R1 to 5.6k, as it did not work too well at 19.2k Baud. 

Also make sure that the software you are using has the DTR and RTS on, as this supplies power for the Computer side of the interface. 

Isolated_CI-V.gif (9818 bytes)

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I powered it form a PP3 battery, the interface draws no current when idle so a power switch is not needed.



Now for some information on the 5 MHz band.

Here is a recording of GB3RAL, 5MHz Beacon on 9th May 2004 11:15 U.T.C.



The 5MHz beacon, GB3RAL, is now operational using a temporary aerial, and awaiting a more permanent aerial installation. The beacon transmits every 15 minutes on channel FC, 5290kHz, based upon the hour as a datum. The sequence is a callsign, followed by a long tone at full power and then nine power steps, each -6dB relative to the last. The power steps are repeated twice, and then there is a 30-second sounder sequence of half-millisecond pulses at 40Hz repetition rate.



Here is a sterling engine I made from tin cans



Tin Can.jpeg (219391 bytes)

Click on picture for video


And a Levitron




PSK31.jpg (361983 bytes)

Here is a PSK31 QSO I had with CT2FTY using digipan.

The TXRX is a Softrock V6.3, with PowerSDR.






That's all for now ! 73 G7JUR  Philip.